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Our Clients

"I recently moved to Launceston and needed my vehicle to be inspected and serviced. I came across Carline and called in for a chat with them. Great service and great pricing. Straight honest advice and I had my car back within the time frame I required. Highly recommended and will be back for future servicing and exhaust system. Cheers guys!"
-George Robinson

"When I was quoted on a major service for my car, I was shocked that it was nearly half the price than another quote that I was given. After one of the technicians explained the exact work to be done, I actually now know more about cars!! Fully recommended if your after a great price, prompt service and friendly staff. Thanks again."

"Great location, price was as quoted no surprises, friendly experienced staff, thanks."
-Andy D

"Cheers guys. My car has never run better. Brilliant service!!"
-Natalie Ryan

"My partners car was playing up whilst I was away at a conference, so I told her to call in to Carline as it was just near her work. They managed to squeeze her in the next morning and they even dropped her up to her work as it was raining! Great service, honest and very well priced!"
-Ben Le Fevre

"Awesome friendly and honest service. I have been going here for quite a few years and wouldn't go anywhere else."
-Robert John Richards‎

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Log Book Car Service
A Logbook Service is a great way to keep your car in top shape. For a price competitive rate, we can carry out a log book service on a new or used car according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The service includes all parts, oils and scheduled service items – plus you get a full comprehensive check to ensure your own and others safety.

Car Services
While it’s important to service your car regularly, we also recognise that budget is an important consideration. For this reason, we offer a range of service options to suit your needs.


Exhaust Services
Any type of problem you may be having with your exhaust system from where it starts from the manifold or extractors to the back of the car, we at Carline can repair your vehicle from budget to complete replacement of any type at the best price. We have Exhaust systems and mufflers to suit all cars and budgets. Feel confident with the fact that all Lukey, Xforce, Redback, mild steel and stainless steel exhaust products fitted at Carline Launceston are backed by our nationwide warranty.

Custom Sports Exhaust Systems
We stock and sell all brands of extractors, sports exhausts, high flow catalytic converters, and custom exhausts, so if you want a specific brand we can get it.


Authorised Inspection Station
Any type of vehicle/trailer/motorcycle under 4.5t that you need registering, being standard Registration or Special Interest Registration.

Buying a car?
How long until the brakes need fixing? Is it due for a major and potentially expensive service?
Just how good a car is it? Don't get caught buying a LEMON!
Why have a bad experience when buying a used car, when CARLINE LAUNCESTON can save YOU.

Have us carry out a thorough vehicle inspection accompanied with a full written report prior to buying your next car.


Please don’t leave it any longer to have your vehicle checked to make sure you will be safe on the road.

Brake and Clutch Repairs
Please don't leave it any longer to have your vehicle checked to make sure you will be safe on the road, its the only thing thats stopping you!

A complete range of products and services is available for your braking system from brake pad replacement (budget, standard or high quality), brake shoe replacement, brake rotor and drum machining and or replacement. Professional recomendations will be given, depending on your budget.

Shock Absorbers and Suspension Components
Shock absorbers, suspension, brakes and tyres are essential to your motoring safety. Shock absorbers keep your wheels in contact with the road without them your brakes and tyres simply can't do their job!

Shocks and struts are key components of the suspension system. Replacing worn or inadequate shocks and struts and thoroughly inspecting the entire suspension system will help to maintain good vehicle safety and control.

Worn bushes can cause rapid tyre wear, loose or pulling steering and in some cases effect braking and handling.

Failing to upgrade suspension bushes can lead to an unpleasant driving experience and mechanical damage to your vehicle, which is why it is essential that you upgrade these components as quickly as possible

Timing Belts / Engine & Driveline Repairs
Timing belt replacement is the “must-do” service operation which every car owner should know about. Along with that knowledge, we should be aware of whether our engine is considered an interference engine or not. These two bits of information can, at a minimum, save us from unexpected breakdown and in the extreme can help us avoid thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you are unsure to whether your vehicle is fitted with a timing belt, send us your vehicles details and we will get back to you for your own peace of mind.

A complete engine and driveline diagnosis is imperative if you suspect any noises or sensations that you may encounter so please do not hesitate to call in and have it analysed.

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